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Call us (510) 461-0424 when you're in need of a new sprinkler system, drip system, outdoor faucet, or irrigation system repair. We understand the process of designing a professional sprinkler or drip irrigation system. We build systems that provide adequate water to both complex and diversified landscapes. We install automatic and manual valves, irrigation controllers, timers, shrub heads, bubblers, drip systems, rotating,pop-up and micro sprinkler heads.

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  • Don't forget to set your sprinkler or irrigation system to Rain Delay or OFF when raining, or during the winter season to help save water and money.
  • Install a screen-type water filter which helps reduce maintenance problems caused by small bits of sand which are found in almost all water systems. Remember, you need to clean the filter screens at least once a year if not more often!
  • When freezing weather occurs you need to take precautions to protect your irrigation system from freezing. Turn off the system to avoid possibly breaking pipes and damaging the system.
  • If your sprinklers are not spraying evenly unscrew the top head and clean the filter before calling a landscaper for maintenance.


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